Photo chemicals for KIS PhotoMe Minilabs

Colorprint 1500 for KIS PhotoMe Minilabs

For minilabs of the DKS 1500 series Tetenal offers a complete set of compatible RA-4 processing chemistry. Bleach fixing bath and Super stabilizing bath are exactly coordinated on the technical parameters for the DKS High-Speed processing. Colorprint 1500 products allow a simple and safe handling with photo chemistry . The preparation for DKS 1500 series machines occurs automatically – no mixage no stirring, no measurements of concentrates, no chemical splashes. Tetenal Colorprint 1500 chemicals are based upon the „Advanced Odourless Technology“. Agents with a strong odour are replaced by modern odourless substances. Benefits for the user are: no masking or use of technical perfumes and reduced potential of allergic reactions. Additionally the Tetenal Super Stabilizer has a new broad-band formula against microbiological growth – no algae, no slime-forming bacteria – absolute clean tanks.

compactline Cartridges for Frontier and d-labs

TETENAL compactline cartridges for minilabs, such as Fuji Frontier, Agfa d-lab.1, d-lab.2 allow a simple and safe handling with photo chemistry. Preparation errors due to incorrect measurements are eliminated and oxidation problems cannot occur. Compactline cartridges are completely compatible.